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Tece sets its sustainable development goals

 Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Tece sets its sustainable development goals

Tece Dekor, one of the well known edgebanding manufacturers is working hard to strengthen its sustainable development goals that will further enhance the company’s growth. It has started working to reach Net Zero by 2050 for building a better future. Tece Dekor is working on this aim by minimising carbon emissions in the Sustainability Law.

Tece Dekor has now made the value management process the priority agenda. Being aware of its responsibilities in the global fight against climate change, the company is taking its sustainability development goals seriously. Studies are carried out by prioritizing emission reduction and value chain integration in production and investment targets.

In order to reduce the carbon emissions, in the recent or long run, the company is seriously reducing its fossil fuel consumption. This is one of the main aims of the net zero targets set up by Tece Dekor. It has started to work with photovoltaic systems to fulfil this target.

The company has also started working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions while determining the circular economy growth strategies. It is trying hard to increase energy and resource efficiency to produce better results that will leave better effects on the upcoming future. In this particular context, bio-based product trials in the company’s R&D studies also promote supply chain sustainability.

Tece is a producer of furniture edgebanding. Its product portfolio includes ABS, PVC, 3D, Metal, Melamine and Veneer edgebandings. The company has earned its worldwide popularity due to its ability to produce all these under one roof for fulfilling the customer needs and wants. Producing the best for its customers as not only a way of business expansion but a passion for the company. For the last 35 years it has continuously been manufacturing high quality edgebanding for its wide customer population. Now, in the present day it is aiming to further strengthen its production line with more care and attention towards its sustainable goals. Tece is planning to produce quality product for the industry, while leaving back a better effect on the world on a whole.

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