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Blum strengthens its sustainability strategies

 Friday, December 8, 2023

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Blum strengthens its sustainability strategies

Blum, one of the well known leaders from the furniture fitting industry has always taken sustainability and its responsibilities towards a better future quite seriously. The Austrian – family owned business has taken up numerous initiatives to encourage the sustainable developments. It has launched big and small initiatives across the company and beyond.

Blum has been trying its best to handle the multifaceted nature of Sustainability. It has even taken guidance from the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and focused on topics such as the effective use of resources, climate protection, infrastructure and working at Blum. It has now taken up strong ,measures to steer development towards sustainability in various areas.

Blum tries its best to achieve closed material loops while taking good care of the materials that the company produces. The zinc from the production process is fed directly back into the machine or sent to an in-house remelting furnace to be processed into new raw material. Any production waste that cannot be recycled internally is fed back into the economy by an external partner.

According to Sustainability Officer Laura Löffler, “This increases resource efficiency and minimises environmental impact.” The latter also applies to the company’s logistics concept: Blum has its own rail sidings, ensuring that up to 40% of its deliveries are made by rail in a climate-friendly manner. In addition, more than 50% of the company’s trucks are powered by locally produced biogas.

Blum devices various innovative ideas to drive the energy supply process. 95% of its ventilation systems are equipped with heat recovery systems which harness the waste heat from the production process to meet (in part) the heating requirements of its plants in Austria. The company uses district heating, groundwater cooling and photovoltaic systems at some of its sites.

Blum’s own buildings which are mainly designed as multi-storey structures in order to minimise the use of land, houses all these arrangements. For this reason, it is possible to use 14,000 sq. metres (150,000 sq. ft.) of land to create 50,000 sq. metres (500,000 sq. ft.) of floor space – equivalent to the size of five football pitches which will be preserved as “near-natural areas”.

The green roofs (such as those of Plant 4 in Bregenz) have been an integral part of Blum’s infrastructure for more than 20 years. These help to conserve biodiversity while acting as CO2 sinks. These also help to improve the air quality all around.

Besides all these, Blum has also proved their responsible aptitude by involving the employees towards its drive towards sustainability. It has developed its own mobility concept which encourages the use of environmentally-friendly transport (public transport or bicycles) to travel to and from work. More than half of staff use the offering.

Expressing his views about sustainability, owner and CEO Philipp Blum said, “It needs everyone to get things done. It starts with every single one of us because sustainability concerns us all.” As said, Blum is leaving no stone unturned to come in line with its sustainability motto, “moving ideas for sustainability”. The company has taken up the challenge to make the world a better place, while being an important part of the industry as a whole.

Source- https://vision2045.com/

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