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Looking back at 2021

 Friday, December 31, 2021

As 2022 sets in, all we can hope for is healthy and successful days ahead. Our industry has seen a lot of changes in the last two years, the most remarkable being the acceleration of digitisation. In fact, the digital event, LIGNA.Innovation Network has been widely appreciated and recorded overwhelming success.

Here we wrap up an eventful 2021 with the top stories of the year:

“Woodworking as a Service” from the innovation driver WEINIG

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/weinig-focuses-on-woodworking-as-a-service-a-new-business-model/

HOMAG launches next generation of nesting solutions

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/homag-launches-next-generation-of-nesting-solutions/

KLEIBERIT takes a step towards safe future

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/kleiberit-is-taking-big-and-innovative-steps-into-the-future/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Final+da+at+LIGNA.Innovation+Network+%28test%29&utm_source=YMLP

LIGNA.IN makes a triumphant debut

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/ligna-in-makes-a-triumphant debut/

imos AG introduces new version iX 2021

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/imos-ag-presents-its-new-version-ix-2021/

Cefla Live Global: A must attend event

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/cefla-live-global-a-must-attend-event/

Ammeraal Beltech introduces RAPPLON

Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/ammeraal-beltech-brings-new-range-of-rapplon-eases-logistics-trouble/

XYLEXPO 2022 in search of new synergies
Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/xylexpo-2022-searching-for new-synergies/

SCM’s Smart&Human Factory
Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/scms-smarthuman-factory-and-digital-integrated-woodworking-process-at-ligna-in/

LEUCO enhances tooling efficiency
Read: https://www.woodandpanel.com/woodnews/article/leuco-enhances-tooling efficiency-in-a-quieter-way/

And with this, we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2022.

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