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Lamello brings digital transformation

Published on : Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lamello is ready for the digital transformation with the new P-System, Clamex P-14 CNC detachable furniture connector with precise alignment. “Expertise in furniture manufacturing” – a slogan that is not simply an empty phrase at Jochen Meier Schreinerei GmbH, but practised with passion. Thanks to end-to-end digitalised production, this expertise covers the entire manufacturing chain.

Jochen Meier sees an additional advantage of the P-System connectors in their compatibility with end-to-end production processes. “If a product is automated – or can be controlled digitally – it will also be used,” he emphasises. This means that, as soon as a connector is entered in the planning, ERP and production software, the corresponding part will also be used in practice. “The customer is prepared to pay for this added value,” Meier added.

Advantages and features

  • Precise alignment – The profile of the positioning pins allows for precise alignment of the two connector halves. No need to use alignment dowels.
  • Detachable – Open the connector multiple times with the rotating lever.
  • Small opening for lever – A choice between a 6 mm hole for cover caps or a 5 mm hole for the use without cover caps.
  • Same processing as Clamex P-14 – No new tools or programming costs and no need for new expertise – easy to handle
  • Compatible with any Clamex P connector half without lever P-14 without lever, P-10 without lever, and the P-10 Medius without lever

The Clamex P-14 CNC is a detachable connector based on the P-System anchorage and is connected via a lever. This means the Clamex P-14 CNC has all the advantages currently offered by the P-System. These include quick, tool-free installation, lateral tolerance, are twist-free and are stackable. In contrast to the design of the Zeta P2 power tool, using the Clamex P-14 CNC means the work pieces are already aligned during assembly. The connector is then centred on the access hole. This precise alignment allows you to choose between a 6mm access hole for caps or a 5mm hole without a cap. This is achieved by precise CNC machining. There is no need for additional alignment with dowels.

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