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KÜNDIG Master offers High-tech custom solution

Published on : Friday, June 26, 2020

When it comes to sanding, the KÜNDIG Master meets all expectations. It combines, “out of the box”, all the properties that are essential for the fast, reliable production of perfect surfaces. No more, no less. This core model has a generous working width of 1350 mm and is equipped with a calibration roller as well as a fine sanding pad unit and features the proven, robust construction that guarantees decades of high sanding precision. The quick and easy controls make for a great user experience. KÜNDIG Master Widebelt Sanding Machine is ideal for Joinery Carpentry Woodworking.

The sanding units – a proven combination
The sanding units are based on the proven combination of a calibration roller and a sanding pad unit. The two versions in which the Kündig Master is available are distinguished by the fine sanding pad unit (see below). For a safe workpiece guidance there is a parallel spring-loaded steel pressure roller at the machine infeed and rubber pressure rollers between the sanding units.

Calibration unit (R): The calibration roller is a grooved rubber contact roller of proven hardness. It is ideally suited for calibration tasks, if necessary also with high stock removal rates. The level of the contact roller is adjustable to compensate for the thickness of the inserted abrasive grit.
Segmented sanding pad (E): With the E-Plus package, the fine sanding unit has a segmented, electronically controlled sanding pad with workpiece detecting rollers 35 mm wide. This allows an even more precise fine sanding in the edge area of the workpieces. The edge pressure of the sanding segments is automatically controlled, but can also be adjusted on the touch-screen in order to influence the sanding around the edges of the workpiece even more precisely. Here too, the graphite cloth insert can be changed quickly and easily.

Pneumatic sanding pad (P): As part of the Comfort package, the Master is equipped with a pneumatic sanding pad. The pressure of the inflatable sanding pad can be precisely adjusted by means of a regulator. Graphite cloth inserts can be replaced quickly and easily.

Operation – quick and easy
All parameters required for sanding are directly accessible on the clearly arranged touch screen. This includes, for example, the feed speed (3-15 m/min), the stock removal, the passage height / target thickness of the sanding result, as well as the segmented pad controls (E-Plus package). Alternatively, the Master can also be easily operated via rotary switch, analogue stick and buttons. The settings for perfect sanding are thus made in seconds. The workpiece thickness can be measured over the entire working width. Separate programs can be stored for repetitive sanding operations. Safety features such as the overthickness safety feature prevent gross operating errors and, thanks to the intelligent error diagnosis, the user is informed what brought the machine to a halt, if one happened to occur.

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