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intelliDivide from HOMAG calculates efficient optimal cutting

 Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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The web-based software intelliDivide from HOMAG for calculating optimal cutting plans works very simply: upload the parts list easily, start the optimisation with just one click and the cutting plans are calculated automatically – without any manual intermediate steps. IntelliDivide calculates different solutions for you at the same time and presents alternatives clearly.

From now on you can take advantage of another advantage: If you want to keep certain components together on a plate when dividing them up, the new template templates will help you. IntelliDivide makes it easier to optimize your panels and ensures even more flexibility in the cutting process.

Holding components together thanks to templates

When optimizing panels, the individual components are usually arranged arbitrarily in the raw panel in order to achieve, among other things, minimal waste. If, for example, the fronts of a piece of furniture are to have a coherent veneer appearance, they must be next to each other in the cutting plan during optimization.

To consciously hold components together and cut them in a predetermined arrangement, you now have the option of using stencil templates in intelliDivide .

Stencil library ensures variety

A library with a diverse selection of stencils is available directly in the app. Regardless of whether you have two, three or e.g. For example, if you want to cut four parts, intelliDivide offers you an appropriate template for many variants. The selection of the template and the assignment of the components within the template are done directly in the parts list.

Working with stencils – it’s that easy!

Since the stencils are already available in the app, you can get started straight away and use the new function without any problems. The first step is to import your parts list into intelliDivide . You can then select a template from the library for each component and assign the corresponding component an exact position within the template template with a click.

The template name and the position of the component in the template can also be transferred directly when importing the parts list.

The selected template with all assigned parts is clearly displayed in the automatically generated cutting list. An integrated preview gives you the opportunity to check the template component with the associated dimensions before you start the optimization with just one click.

During optimization, all parts are now held together in the template and sawn as one workpiece. In a second cutting plan, the template is then separated into its individual parts.

The stencil templates are another helpful function in intelliDivide that simplifies your cutting process and at the same time enables even more efficient production processes.

Source: HOMAG

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