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HOMAG intelliDivide -an optimization software to impress

 Monday, April 17, 2023

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Cutting patterns and saving time is now possible for the carpenters with the all new intelliDivide from HOMAG. intelliDivide a web-based optimization software from HOMAG is perfect for panel cutting and nesting. It is simple to work and quick in giving result with woodworking, and optimization is done in just a click. All one need is to upload the parts list and select pattern , then click to get what is expected.

Simple operation, intuitive and clear

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, everyone can start using intelliDivide immediately. The optimization jobs, including all properties, are displayed clearly. All cutting patterns and the associated optimization details are clearly highlighted in the overview. Individual areas, such as the parts, material or key figure views, are immediately visible thanks to the structured arrangement. The buttons contain signal colors so that the user is guided safely and quickly to the next work step.

Flexible and powerful: No investment or hardware costs

As intelliDivide is a web-based optimization software, there are no maintenance or update costs. The software is always up to date. The user only requires Internet access to start the optimization directly, regardless of the operating system.

Using intelliDivide saves time and material. Because the cutting pattern is calculated precisely, the remaining panel offcut is also displayed, so it is always clear how much panel material is still available after cutting.

The combination makes the difference

Cutting patterns are calculated automatically with intelliDivide not only for panel cutting, but also for nesting. In addition, new trimming strategies such as “Stay-Down” and “Common-Line” can be accessed when nesting in conjunction with woodWOP 8.

intelliDivide is an optimization software for work preparation. However, the cutting patterns must also be fed into production, preferably without any manual intermediate steps. This is no problem, because our optimization software is also part of the cutting assistant (Cutting Production Set) and the nesting assistant (Nesting Production Set) from HOMAG.

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