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Garnica moves further towards sustainable construction

 Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Garnica again proves its efficiency by playing a crucial role in BASAJAUN project, funded by the European Commission. With this participation in this project the company took a step towards responsible expansion of business as this promotes sustainable wood construction that boosts rural development and urban transportation.

Garnica’s aim for a better future and its constant commitment to innovation to sustainable development encouraged the company to participate in the exciting BASAJAUN Project, supported by the European Commission. The main purpose of this project is to bring together companies, organizations and public bodies to promote wood construction that is synonymous with innovation and sustainability.

Garnica, one of the leaders of the plywood industry, is currently engaged in a crucial phase of the project: the construction of a demonstration building in France. Here its has taken a major step forward, installing acoustic panels between dwellings. These panels have exceeded all expectations. They have achieved better results than in the digital simulation and the acoustic tests carried out at Tecnalia. They provide tangible proof of the company’s commitment to excellence and quality in any particular step.

The BASAJAUN Project has a clear mission: to maximize the value of Europe’s forests, which cover 43% of the European Union’s total land area. Not only does this benefit rural communities, but it also drives the digitization of the entire value chain, from the forest to the finished building. Garnica participates in this project to fulfill its aim to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly future that further enhances development of the wood construction industry.

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