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Fully automated Saw-robot combination from IMA Schelling

 Tuesday, July 12, 2022

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IMA Schelling Precision combines a panel dividing saw for aluminum with a handling robot. This increases the efficiency of cutting enormously: Users achieve more throughput with lower personnel and energy requirements. The robot automatically stores leftover panels and leftover material is disposed of according to type.

IMA Schelling Precision has developed a highly productive system for cutting aluminum plates. It is based on a manual panel dividing saw from the fm series in combination with an articulated robot and a manipulation surface with air cushions. Together they form a fully automated solution for cutting aluminum plates. The robot feeds and handles the aluminum plates to the saw, stacks the blanks and removes the leftovers. This solution impresses with high productivity – but also with the efficient use of resources of all kinds.

Due to the high degree of automation, the system works without operating personnel. A machine operator previously employed at the saw can thus be efficiently employed in other areas. The advantage of this automation solution is most evident when it comes to cutting small parts. This takes a lot of time, even if relatively small amounts of material are processed. The robot allows the system to perform this task unattended, for example on a night shift or ghost shift. The disposal of the material residues is carried out by a specially designed disposal system. They then sort them according to type into disposal containers according to the alloys. The robot can be used universally for handling tasks. In non-productive times or downtimes, he can take on other tasks and thus free up additional resources.

The high efficiency of this system is also reflected in the reduced energy requirement. The controller adapts the energy consumption of the electric motors to the current operating status. For long cuts, it reduces the compressed air supply to the air cushion. During non-productive times, the engines are reduced to a minimum speed, but not switched off. This avoids the high power requirements of powerful drive motors when starting up from a standstill. With this automatic cell, energy is only used when it is used for productivity.

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