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Egger brings natural living and furnishing for a relaxing home

 Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Egger now brings nature into your home. City dwellers forever suffered for relaxing in the midst of concrete jungle. While people living in the country side enjoyed cosy and relaxing natural environment, city people generally visited parks or plans weekend trip to enjoy some free time in natural environment. Relaxing in the lap of nature always seemed an outdoor choice, however, in the present situation to meet the demand of present generation, Egger introduced a host of furnishing to improve home environment naturally. A collection of natural living and furnishing range will now transport the user to a natural environment where he may relax amidst serenity. The entire set up transforms the user’s relaxing environment.



Whether it is a walk along the beach, a run through the woods or a mountain hike: Regardless of where we are out and about in nature, we can “recharge our batteries” and expand our horizon. At the core of urbanisation there is a longing for nature, which is why natural materials are often chosen for furnishing. In our “Pure Nature” living style, where the love of nature is expressed in every detail, Egger has placed together appropriate flooring which brings that naturalness into your own four walls. Warm brown tones with a natural colour scheme radiate cosiness and green plants not only brings colour to the room, they also ensure a calm and peaceful home climate. At the heart of this living style are materials which all originate from nature. Besides the materials wood and stone there is rattan, wool, linen, leather, glass and also concrete. A warm colour scheme dominates the style, whether in White, Grey or in earthy tones. In home textiles, plaid patterns and solid colours like Leaf Green, Sea Blue and Sun Yellow are popular. Finds from nature are displayed as decorations. Cushions and blankets made from natural fibres ensure an even greater feel-good atmosphere.



For a harmonious ambience, combine flooring in wood appearances which have the appearance of being taken from nature untreated, with stylish and timeless furniture. If the rest of the furnishings are as rustic as the floors, the customer will be able to competently express his affinity for country house style. As an alternative one may further choose natural stone or even concrete looks for the flooring. Furniture made of old wood is the perfect match for this. In the end, the main thing is that everyone can feel the natural comfort in the room.




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