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Digital or traditional wood staining?

 Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Planky and Trunky are the main characters of the EFI Cubik campaign showing the advantages of digital staining of parquet hardwood flooring.

EFI Cubik is an alternative to traditional or analog processes for natural wood staining and is based on industrial digital printing, in a single pass, directly on the wood planks using mineral inks.

Nano staining with mineral inks direct to wood is not the digital printing you may know today. The mineral inks penetrate the wood and decorate it in a natural way. Their formulation based on inorganic pigments makes mineral inks resistant to sunlight. Digital staining with EFI Cubik is an ideal solution for hardwood, veneered boardsand parquet floors, as it is a decoration process that respects the nature and warmth of wood.

Watch the 4 episodes of The Adventures of Planky and Trunky to understand in a very simple way the efficiency that this new technology brings into your plant. Digitally staining wood will enable faster set-up times, inventory reduction and cost optimization.

EFI Cubik digital single-pass printers integrate into your existing finishing line in plug and play mode. There is no need to pre-treat the wood substrate prior to digital dyeing. If desired, depending on the raw material, a light brushing can be performed. Also, drying after printing with mineral inks is not necessary, as the inks penetrate the wood. Afterwards, the same required protection layers can be applied for the suitable use of parquet and wood flooring.

EFI Cubik digital staining is an optimized process; a source of efficiency that gives you unprecedented flexibility. In return, you will multiply your decorative possibilities because, with a single ink configuration installed in the digital printer, you can obtain a wide range of colors to expand the palette of shades in your catalog. You can also do new things which are just impossible with traditional technology: printing wood grain, color gradients or non-uniform staining, reclaimed wood effects, etc. And you can even produce creative and customized designs. More details about EFI Cubik digital staining with mineral inks here.

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