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LEUCO presents new nesting cutter Z4+4 based on Fibonacci

 Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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LEUCO’s new Fibonacci Z4+4 shank-type cutter is a highlight on the nesting machining scene. The manufacturer employs a new kind of construction design to accommodate four rows of diamond-tipped cutters within a diameter of just twelve millimeters, including appropriate gullets. This enables the milling cutter to achieve high feed speeds and excellent cutting results while also remaining robust, even with its extended number of cutting edges, operating smoothly and also consuming less energy.

The innovative Z4+4 shank-type cutter from LEUCO introduces a significant advantage in milling by significantly reducing offcuts, thereby optimizing material utilization. This new tool marries the compactness of small nesting cutters with unparalleled cutting efficiency, thanks to a design inspired by mathematically defined structures found in nature, showcasing an impressively effective concept.

Genuine Z4+4: More teeth, faster tempo – as well as shatter-proof with low vibration

The LEUCO Fibonacci series of Z4+4 nesting milling cutters operate using four rows of cutters, each with several diamond-tipped blades – all accommodated within a diameter of just 12 millimeters. Since four blades are in operation continuously at every point on the workpiece, this tool has everything that defines a genuine Z4 milling cutter. It is the innovative design of this milling cutter that enables it to operate so robustly and smoothly. To achieve this, LEUCO employs the Fibonacci principle, based on highly functional shapes in the natural world. Which results in an optimum arrangement of blades on this narrow tool.

Thanks to its extra blades, arranged in a highly efficient pattern, this milling cutter reaches currently unmatched feed speeds, offering up to a 25 percent improvement over three-tooth tools. The Z4+4 shank-type cutter, with its 23-millimeter cut length, can manage feed rates between 17 and 22 meters per minute for both unpainted and coated particle boards at a rotation speed of 18,000 rpm. When the rotational speed increases to 24,000 rpm, the feed rate further escalates to between 22 and 28 meters per minute.

LEUCO Fibonacci nesting range: Versatile and energy-efficient

In LEUCO’s new Fibonacci nesting range, the Z4 milling cutter can also be paired with tools with diameters of 12 and 16 millimeters and ½” with cutting widths of 23 and 28 millimeters. To satisfy individual requirements, LEUCO can also provide other cutting widths of 19 millimeters up to a length of 45 millimeters.

Even on versions with fewer teeth, a Fibonacci nesting milling cutter is worth choosing. Operation is remarkably sustainable, with a power saving of up to 15 percent compared to tools with the same number of blades. In addition, the special Fibonacci arrangement of blades makes the base body more robust and the tool breaks less easily.

Applying the Fibonacci principle eliminates overlapping cuts, significantly enhancing cutting quality over traditional nesting tools. This optimal blade arrangement, inspired by a natural principle, reduces vibration and ensures smoother operation of the tool. LEUCO leverages the efficient design to enhance the cutter’s mounting, reinforcing its structure. Consequently, this design innovation allows the milling tool to effectively handle challenging scenarios.

Properties that make this nesting milling cutter the top performer in its sector. It is also quite unique: With its individual blades arranged within a tiny area, robustly and efficiently in accordance with a successful principle that has evolved in the natural world of millions of years. A perfect tool – small in size, big on delivery.

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