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2nd DIPA conference brings innovative impulses on digital printing

Published on :Monday, October 4, 2021

2nd DIPA conference on “Create your own Surface” happened as a part of the LIGNA.Innovation Network, the HYBRID event DIPA-Symposium on September 29, 2021. DIPA – Digital Printing Association e.V. is that the trade organization representing digital printing in industrial surface decoration.

The conference showcased all technical aspects of progressive digital surface production.

The digital conference can shed light-weight on the whole ecosystem:

• décor development and style

• production and ecommerce workflows

• business models

• ecosystem

• market trends

DIPA’s provide aimed toward all firms that square measure concerned within the price chain of associate degree singly designed surface: From firms that already use digital printing with success, to suppliers of machinery or consumables, to different service suppliers WHO support the creation of associate degree best individual surface.

The Digital Printing Association (DIPA) was based for the leading trade honest LIGNA 2019 by the businesses HOMAG cluster, MB Digitalprint, Deutsche Messe conductor, Li & Co, Durst Phototechnik and Adler-Werk Lackfabrik.

DIPA takes a holistic read of the individual surface style method and needs to create digital printing accessible to as several users as potential as associate degree innovative method. It sees itself as a “common future workshop” for topics like consulting, information transfer and standardization or certification.

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