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Digitization taken seriously from start to finish

Production today is no longer just machinery with tools, exhaust ventilations and all the other physical prerequisites for production. Complex computer systems, digital monitoring of machine utilization, connected assembly lines and much more have now been added.

On top of this, the last, strange 18 months have shown us how much is possible if only it has to be, and how half of life has been moved to the digital world. At WEINIG, we’ve understood it’s high-time we focus much more of our energy on this.

Of course, it’s a pity that this year we can’t greet you in person, show you our machines in action and talk to you face to face. But we make the best of it and you can come with us on this digital journey!

Fitting with the online format of the LIGNA.IN, we invite you to learn more about the digital possibilities, services and support offered by WEINIG. Hear about our App Suite and its comprehensive spectrum of applications ranging from monitoring to evaluation, from notification to assistance. Take notice of our online machine demonstrations which enable you to see our machines in action from the comfort of your own office or workplace of choice.

But what is much more, we not only present you our latest solutions, but we are also giving you an exclusive insight into something big and completely new that is coming!

On Monday, Sept. 27, and Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 3pm, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of WEINIG for 25 minutes. Drop by and witness the WEINIG.EXPERIENCE…

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