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Wood-Mizer updates its LX50 series

 Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Wood-Mizer has updated its LX50 series of sawmills, adapting its offerings to the current market conditions and customers’ growing expectations. Customers increasingly seek cost-effective products that deliver performance comparable to professional machines. A perfect example is the new versions of the LX50START and LX50SUPER, which are the most economical sawmills in the enthusiast and novice sawmilling machine segment.

Wood-Mizer’s LX50 series band sawmills are a superior choice among the available compact machines. They offer an attractive price, higher quality, and functionality compared to similar machines imported from Asian countries. The LX50 sawmills are known for their durability, reliability, and easy use. When comparing the cutting parameters of the LX50 sawmills to other machines in this class, it is easy to see that Wood-Mizer sawmills offer the most. In the LX50START sawmill, users can process logs with a maximum diameter of 66 cm and a length of 3.10 m, while in the LX50SUPER model, these dimensions are 66 cm and 3.70 m, respectively.

Upgrade of the LX50 Sawmill Series for More User Benefits

The increased functionality of the LX50 series sawmills results from modernization carried out by Wood-Mizer engineers. The upgraded LX50START and LX50SUPER sawmills feature a simplified shape of the sawhead throat and an optimized sawhead mast construction.

Both sawmills are based on a three-segment bed with segments measuring 1,33 m in the START version and 1,53 m in the SUPER version. Furthermore, the maximum cutting length can be customized to meet the user’s needs by extending the bed with additional segments.

In the LX50START model, four side supports, easily mounted from the top, are added as standard (two longer and two shorter ones). The LX50SUPER version stands out with two adjustable side supports that can be quickly adjusted along the bar, adapting their height to the diameter of the processed log. In the LX50 series sawmills, the cross sections have been modified, increasing their number to five (six in the LX50SUPER model) and additionally strengthened with the bars. The START version of the sawmill is equipped with one manual log clamp, while the SUPER version has two. Adjustable legs are standard in the LX50SUPER sawmill, while in the LX50START model, they are available as an option.

The operation of the LX50 series sawmills is ergonomic and intuitive, with the operator in a comfortable position that provides optimal visibility of the cutting process. The user can manually adjust the sawhead height using a crank and read it on the scale, while the forward-backward feed is smoothly achieved by moving the sawhead mounted on rollers. Both models feature a blade cleaning system with a manual valve and a blade tensioning system based on a screw with an indicator. A reliable guiding roller system ensures the blade’s stability, similar to those used in larger Wood-Mizer sawmills.

The Kohler engines are known for their high performance and reliability, benefiting the customer during operation. In the LX50START model, customers can choose between the 9 HP Kohler G9 gasoline engine or the 4 kW electric EH5, while in the LX50SUPER model, the future user can choose between the 14 HP Kohler G14 gasoline engine or the 5.5 kW electric EH7.

To effectively process various wood species, selecting the appropriate blade type and profile is essential, preferably from Wood-Mizer’s extensive range of blades. Recommended blades have a width of 32 mm, a thickness ranging from 0.9 to 1.14 mm, and a length of 3340 mm, enabling efficient material production with minimal sawdust waste.

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