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Turkish panel producer puts its trust on Argos Solutions

 Friday, September 29, 2023

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For Çamsan Ordu, the preferred way to develop their company and products is through technology and continuous investments in innovative and sustainable solutions. That is one of the many reasons they chose Argos Solutions for automated grading when setting up their new laminate flooring production line.

The decision not only reinforces Argos Solutions’ position in the Turkish market but also underscores their unmatched expertise in quality inspection of laminate flooring, with a particular focus on V-groove inspection. The v-groove technology is an advanced bevel edging which helps to create a look that reflects the natural qualities of wood flooring.

Rune Gotfredsen, Regional Sales Manager, looks forward to collaborating with Çamsan Ordu.

To me, Türkiye is an extremely nice and interesting place to do business. Not only is it one of the fastest growing panel industries in the world, but the Turkish hospitality and positive way of doing business makes collaboration and cooperation easy. Together with our partner in the region, GIM Export, Argos Solutions is experiencing continuous growth and strong interest in our systems. We are very much looking forward to further collaboration, both with GIM, Çamsan Ordu and other Turkish panel manufacturers.

The integration of the Argos Solutions Grading System is a testament to Çamsan Ordu’s continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation within the laminate flooring sector. This advanced technology will elevate the quality and precision of the production process, ensuring that customers receive floors of the highest standard.

Key highlights of the Argos Solutions Grading System for Laminate Flooring include:

Collaborative Success: This partnership between GIM Export, Çamsan Ordu and Argos Solutions demonstrates the power of collaboration in driving innovation and quality improvement within the industry.

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