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Kastamonu with Argos develops grading system

 Monday, June 19, 2023

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Kastamonu Entegre relied on Argos Solutions to develop a state-of-the-art grading system for laminate flooring. They have been working together for the last six months in pursuit of achieving the new system that Argo Solutions finally developed with their long running experience as manufacturer of Surface Grading Systems. The newly developed system is now a fully integrated part of the production line at the Kastamonu facility. Rune Gotfredsen, Sales Manager at Argos Solutions expressing his views about this success has said, “We really appreciate this partnership and the chance to develop this system together with Kastamonu. This project has given us the opportunity to expand our product portfolio and offer laminate flooring producers a high-quality grading system. This will optimize production, reduce downgrades, and secure the desired product quality”

The company relied on Argos who used their experience with MFC to develop both the hardware and the software of the system. The highly developed system now comes with an updated camera and lighting technology. Sales manager Rune Gotfredsen also confirms that the developed system offers an HMI that is appropriately adjusted for this segment and can provide innovative and accurate image processing of the laminate floor panels.

Argos Solutions feels hopeful with the result of the pilot project and this partnership. The company has tried its best to develop a system that satisfies the requirements needed in case of Laminate floors which are quite different from other surface materials. They have taken note of the different grading and quality requirements to bring more excellence in the working system of Kastamonu facility. As a result of this, Kastamonu Entegre, who is a renowned producer of laminate floors together with Argos, could successfully develop the system that is able to handle large volumes, high production speed, and a wide array of specifications.

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