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SCM expands its range with the new cut c 100/200

 Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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SCM technology’s new options for “batch 1” cardboard packaging, are intended to promote more adaptable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices in the assembled furniture and kit industries. In the field of completed furniture and kits, the latest SCM technical solutions for “batch 1” cardboard packaging are intended to improve flexibility and sustainability in the production processes.

The transverse unit, which is independent of the cutting and longitudinal creasing units, enables the fabrication of shapes that differ greatly from one another. Additionally, this is produced more quickly than industry standards: more than 2 boxes per minute every cut of 100, and more than 4 per cut of 200. This is made feasible in part by the rapid positioning setup and high advancement speed of the brushless motor.

Both devices are easy to use and intuitive
By reading a barcode or utilising the scanbox, which automatically sends the sizes of the product to be packed to the machine via barcode reading in real time, the operator can bring up the necessary box from the interface.

Zero waste
Consumption of cardboard can be optimised based on the actual sizes of the box produced. There is an option between three different types of feed : single sheet cardboard or fanfold, with side by side fanfolds or with automatic selector up to eight fanfolds. The packaging is then put together based on the actual sizes of the product which avoids using expensive additional filling materials and encourages a saving in manpower times.

Space optimisation
With the new cut c 100/200 range, storing and moving dozens of boxes of various forms won’t be an issue, providing the operator with significant benefits in this situation as well.

High versatility
High adaptability 7 cutting and creasing devices are standard on SCM’s new punching machines. However, a configuration with 12 units can be used to create up to two flanked boxes. Finally, preparation is totally automatic and each unit may accommodate a variety of tools (with the extra benefit of standard longitudinal and transversal units on cut c 200). Read more news on SCM

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