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Schattdecor introduces its all new Décor Selection 2016

 Thursday, February 25, 2016

schattdecorWith its Decor Selection 2016, Schattdecor is presenting a selection of global decor highlights that have the potential to be the best sellers of tomorrow. The selection was preceded by a yearlong analysis of trends and research work, during which Head of Design Claudia Küchen’s team distilled the essence of three current trends: Casual Black, Cultural Spirit, and Freestyle Clarity.


With Decor Selection, the surface specialist is offering its customers a valuable guide. “Entirely different options presented themselves during our research,” explains Claudia Küchen, emphasizing that the selection is a basic package that is intended to serve as the basis for the subsequent consulting process with the customer. “Of course, customers will also be able to find the perfect solution for their individual needs with us in the future. That’s why we initiate a consulting process with them and tailor the decor selection to their needs.” She added further.


All 12 decors found in the Decor Selection are available in the three current trends and are considered highlight decors around the world.


Schattdecor Trends 15/16


It’s about reducing things to their essence.


Freestyle Clarity is evidence of the increasing importance of the simple and authentic. It’s about reducing things to their essence – a building block for more quality of life.


There is already a very clear recognition of this theme in Germany, Russia, and Poland. The trend fits in very well with the present, as the Scandinavian style of furniture, with its very light colors and woods, is very popular now. White frequently appears in combination with black in graphic elements, patterns, and graphic furniture forms.


In China, the color white symbolizes purity, innocence, and cleanliness and is frequently used in combination with natural-colored wood, warm copper hues, and surfaces with distinctive tactile qualities. There’s one more advantage: white makes rooms look bigger!


The clear contrast of black and white is timeless and contributes to an uncluttered look.


Lightness and variability define the FREESTYLE CLARITY theme.

“We like to combine white with contrast colors – quite often with black.”

Ekaterina Wasiliewa, Design, Schattdecor Russia, Chekhov


Urban, creative, modern, self-assured yet down to earth.

Casual Black isvery trendy and the most revolutionary and latest of the three trends, and it’s very popular in the German as well as in the US market. And our Brazilian customers confirm that Casual Black is the biggest trend in South America, where it’s attracting a lot of attention.


The trend has yet to make its way to Russia and Poland. In these countries, the color white – as epitomized in the Freestyle Clarity decor – and lighter furniture are still more popular. Dark colors are now mainly found in traditional furniture.


Casual Black stands for a timeless and relaxed style that offers a feeling of casual well-being and laid-back comfort.

“Black is the new white, and casual is the new luxury. But above all – black is beautiful!”

Stephanie Richardson, Design, Schattdecor USA, Maryland Heights


The unique aspect of this trend theme is the influence of various cultures on the mix of materials and patterns.
The long-standing boundaries between cultures are rapidly disappearing in the modern age of globalization.


The unique aspect of this trend theme is the influence of various cultures on the mix of materials and patterns. Cultural Spirit takes furnishing ideas from all cultures around the world.


This trend is particularly popular in Italy, Poland, and Turkey where its effect can be felt most – furniture is already being offered in this style and in warm color tones.


The customer response to this trend is also very positive in Brazil, as the natural-looking wood grains of the theme are similar to traditional Brazilian woods.


Especially in an era of cultural exchange, remembering one’s roots is particularly important, and it is in this respect that Cultural Spirit conveys a feeling of individuality and personality.


“Cultural Spirit is the most interesting trend for our market, as it matches the Turkish taste in furniture and colors.”


SinemDegerli, Design, Schattdecor Turkey, Gebze
Decor Selection 2016

Jenissei                                                                                                            Freestyle Clarity
Torano                                                                                                             Freestyle Clarity


White marble crossed by distinguished grey veining is an absolute classic in upmarket residential spaces. Very modern interpretations of the material are setting accentuation in the home at present, for example in the form of small side tables.


Jasmund                                                                                                          Freestyle Clarity

Sapporo                                                                                                            Freestyle Clarity

Morava Acacia                                                                                                 Casual Black

Riviera Eiche                                                                                                    Casual Black

Very natural in overall effect, this decor offers many details typical of oak, such as crossfires and pronounced ray flecks. Areas of figuring alternate with straightgrain sections in accomplished manner in the tightly-planked layout. Riviera Oak lends itself extremely well to colourations in classic and modern oak hues, ranging from the nuances of pale, untreated wood to honey-coloured or dark, brownish colourways.


Paladina                                                                                                             Casual Black

Matterhorn Oak                                                                                               Casual Black

NocePerenne                                                                                                    Cultural Spirit

Fairfield Walnut                                                                                               Cultural Spirit


This elegant and lively walnut decor is a fine example of the trend towards authentic-looking woodgrains. Based on American material, the distinctly planked decor has the look of solid wood, and offers such details as sizeable figures and knots in alternation with light reflexes and streaks in the wood.


Cadiz Oak                                                                                                          Cultural Spirit

Columbia Walnut                                                                                             Cultural Spirit

1)    Freestyle Clarity trend theme: it’s about reducing things to their essence.

2)    Casual Black trend theme: urban, creative, modern, self-assured yet down to earth.

3)    Cultural Spirit trend theme: the unique aspect of this trend theme is the influence of various cultures on the mix of materials and patterns.

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