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Saomad introduces Woodpecker Performance

 Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Saomad introduces all new powerful machining centres in CNC in the Woodpecker range. This new innovation is the result of the company’s experience in the industry. The new Woodpecker Performance is all set to take the leading role in the Saomad range, with its excellent productivity and machining quality.

Woodpecker Performance developed by Saomad is a full-option solution. It is a solution capable of rendering wooden door and window manufacturer great solution for better production. The company considers it to be superior than any machining centres in CNC ever produced by it.

It is equipped with an automatic loading/unloading buffer with a processing capacity of 400 pieces. The buffer is even integrated with an intelligent magazine that allows loading up to maximum 1,200 pieces.
The multiple clamp system present allows for the simultaneous processing of up to maximum 10 work pieces. This depends on the size of the piece.

Efficient Working-

The machine is supper efficient as it can function in autonomous mode, without the need for professional operator. It solves the problem of finding qualified profession for the handling of the machine. The Woodpecker Performance turns out to be a flexible machine as it is equipped with five independent liquid-cooled electro-spindles. Each of these features 24 kW motor and HSK-63E quick-release tool holder. A 250-slot linear tool magazine makes this machine a distinctive one. It is capable of loading up to 500tools.

Compact build-

Saomad has shed special care on the compactness of the machine. Woodpecker Performance acute compactness makes it unique and special. The machine occupies limited space in a factory, making it easy to be placed. The compactness of the machine also makes it aesthetically appealing. Besides increasing the workability of the machine, Saomad has also aimed to achieve clean and elegant ergonomics. This has also increased the safety level of the machine. The Woodpecker Performance has a completely enclosed structure. This reduces the noise while caging the dust inside.

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