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Premier Tech debuts game-changing Wood Fibre Machine

 Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Premier Tech announces their latest Wood Fibre Machine which is a game-changer in wood fibre production. The latest addition Slootweg BPE Series Wood Fibre Machine, unleashes possibilities of modern equipment.

Compact and energy-efficient processing equipment designed to produce structurally resilient fibre from various wood by-products.

The patented extruding and refining technology apply high pressure to the raw material, generating heat above 100°C. This process produces and sanitizes fibre, ensuring compliance with RHP certification standards.

This innovative technology allows substrate producers to add various kinds of local wood by-products as complementary raw materials in their mixes.

Capacity: up to 12 m3 per hour EN (16 yd3 per hour)*

Raw materials: white softwood chips, forest residues, compost wood

This compact, robust, and energy-efficient equipment allows convenient on-site wood fibre production, enabling producers to add wood fibre as complementary raw materials in their mixes.

Want to see the efficiency with your own eyes? Contact your local team member to join us on June 13th-14th in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and take your production to the next level!




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