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Leitz’s powerful NiRo collet chuck premium

 Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Leitz introduces the NiRo as one of the most innovative collet system that has been developed to maintain the level of performance and safety. Collet chucks are an important part of the machineries that are being used to serve variety of applications for many years. Leitz developed this new revolutionary stainless steel collet system, known as NiRo as a new reliable product for the woodworking industry. This newly developed product is highly flexible and durable. Complex machining tasks can be mastered with no less resistance when NiRo collet chuck Premium is brought into use.


Leitz’s NiRo is built with corrosion resistant steal and it owns ball-bearing collet nut with trapezoidal thread. It comes with a special spanner for easy and safe handling. This revolutionary tool is highly functional. It is a reliable tool useful for clamping. Highly precise Leitz’s NiRo collet chunk premium is highly durable with long service life. It has the highest holding forces and high concentricity with OZ collets.


NiRo collet chuck premium comes with various benefits for its users. It has high flexibility that eases the safe clamping of various shank tools. One can easily use this in a cramped condition due to its very slim design. It has slimmer geometry compared to any standard collect chucks. This efficient collet chuck has high performance level and fast, uncomplicated tool changing ability. It has shorter downtimes, thus has higher system availability. Lastly, it must be noted that the higher concentricity helps to render a longer tool service life in this case.

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