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LIGNA.IN: The industry shows incredible dynamic nature

Published on :Monday, August 16, 2021

LIGNA.Innovation Network (LIGNA.IN), the new digital format for the international woodworking and wood processing industry gears up. In the face of the ongoing challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, this digital event to be held between September 27 and 29, 2021, combining an expo with a series of conferences and networking opportunities, is being warmly embraced by the industry. The format is being warmly embraced by the industry and where’s what the industry stalwarts has to say!

Olaf Rohrbeck, Chairman of the Management Board: “Robert Bürkle GmbH is a founding member, to some extent. We have been participating since the first LIGNA, which was still held as part of the Hanover Fair. Over the years, it has been a successful platform for us to communicate with national and international market partners. Certainly, there is no substitute for personal contact at a trade fair. But we have to face reality. I believe that the trio of exhibition, conference and networking represents a good entry point for our company into complementary digital communication and a content platform.”

Pietro Gheller, Commercial Director: “More than sixty years have passed since SCM first took part in Ligna. Since then, the Trade Fair has proven to be a success for the group in terms of contacts and business opportunities from the most strategic markets in the world. Without the opportunity to meet in person again in Hannover, the new LIGNA.Innovation Network format will be a chance for SCM to continue supporting partner businesses, even remotely, and showcase the most advanced technologies in the industry. Despite the prolonged pandemic, the woodworking industry is showing its incredible dynamic nature and desire to invest in innovation and technology. This is why opportunities for exchange and meeting, even digitally like the one proposed by LIGNA, are greatly welcome.”

Jörg Hasener, Head of GreCon Measuring Technology: “LIGNA has been the place for Fagus-GreCon for decades to present new products and to meet customers and partners. True to our motto „Innovation is our Tradition“, we will continue our traditional partnership and use the LIGNA.Innovation Network to present current trends and developments of our company.”

Raphaël Prati, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer: “LIGNA succeed over the years to position itself as the reference trade show for the woodworking industry worldwide. The reason behind this achievement is its capacity to adapt to the changes of the woodworking industry scenario and to the technology evolution. LIGNA.Innovation Network is clear example of this attitude and Biesse shares the same approach. This digital event, as well as the entire LIGNA platform are actually a key factor in our go to market plans because they give us a unique opportunity to get in touch with the global industry to launch our new solutions. We reckon in particular that LIGNA.Innovation Network will definitely be an extreme valuable digital touchpoint enriching the Biesse Experience of our customers worldwide.”

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