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imos joins Fiable to introduce new edition iX 21

 Thursday, March 10, 2022


imos AG and imos India along with Fiable presents its new version iX 21 to the market and enrich furniture manufacturing.

“In developing our new version, we have clearly focused on expanding our cloud services and on digital networking within the industry. At imos, we are pushing ahead with the strategy of open up our technology, which will raise cooperation opportunities for production and marketing to a new level,” Ingo Bathe, international sales Director of imos AG. The launch of iX 21 in India leads us and our customers up to the next level of automatization.

“In this way, we are taking into account the global trend that industrial companies, just like craft enterprises, are increasingly designing their business models across company boundaries, selling products internationally and modernizing their services.”

With the new version iX 2021, imos is nevertheless treading the path towards the integration of cloud based services from other providers. iX users can thus expand the functional scope of their software, while at the same time cooperation’s within the furniture industry become more attractive, entirely in the spirit of Industry 4.0.

With iX 21, imos is also replying on the advantages of cloud technology, which makes data and programmes available online independently of desktop and server. Thus, iX CAD and iX PLAN can now be operated on virtualized environments. Both for decentralized use and tailored to company strategy and workload, imos provides exactly as many licenses as are currently required for a limited periodof time via subscriptionmodel.

iX CAD/CAM – for the new version, this always means a wealth of optimisation in detail. For example, iX 2021 offers more convenience and improved handling for the initial creation of new designs in iX Designer. In the user interface of the iX Designer, you will find the Article Designer combined with the Object Designer and the Part Designer. Simple and intuitive operation via icons in iXplorer are possibe as well as editing of articles without interruption.

We have redesigned the interface in the iFurn Catalog: the appealing design and new structure provide a better overview. New functions have also been added and existing manufacturer catalogs were updated and expanded.

The use of two- post- processors doubles the speed of generating drawing documents, manufacturing documents and CNC programs, speeding up operational processes as well as maximizing productivity.  We have optimized the workflow. Copying stations now works across workflows.

Multithreading enables the distribution of the workflow. For example, data generation can be distributed across several cores- the result: data is generated twice as fast.

The highlight in iX is the speed up room planning and the clear user guidance with assigned order and the step-by-step navigation. The operation is much faster operation with little need for explanation.

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