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IMA Schelling introduces new stacking solution

 Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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IMA Schelling

IMA Schelling has recently introduced a new software module that further enhances the efficiency of the production process in the wood processing industry. The newly developed software plans the storage of processed panels in stable stacks at runtime.

In the intelligent stacking solution, the algorithm calculates in advance for a cutting plan or order how the workpieces can be stacked into a unit. A physics engine, as is familiar from computer games or simulation programs, checks the stability of the stacks. These should be as high as possible, yet stable and with a high component density.

Numerous advantages-

The intelligent stacking solution not only improves system utilisation by reducing stack change times but also increases the findability of individual workpieces and creates consistency in the data throughout the entire machining process. It enables the customer-specific compilation of commissions and reduces the space required in the factory hall.

Calculation during runtime-

What also distinguishes IMA Schelling’s stacking algorithm from many other similar solutions: It not only calculates in advance, but also during runtime. This offers decisive advantages for the customer. If a plate is accidentally damaged during processing and has to be rejected, the algorithm regenerates the stack during the current processing cycle.

Suitable for batch size 1 production-

Stack formation is comparatively simple for series stacks, but it becomes more challenging for smaller batches with changing workpiece sizes. “Our intelligent stacking solution enables customers to form stable stacks, even in batch size 1 production, which can then be safely transported to the next processing station or to storage,” explains Stefan Rische, Head of Software Development and Systems Control at IMA Schelling. If there is a very large variance in the part sizes, the use of filling parts may be recommended. The software also takes this into account.

IMA Schelling has extensively tested the intelligent stacking solution and has already used it in initial pilot applications. This not only increases safety in the workplace, but also enables high system utilization. The intelligent stacking solution can be positioned after a cutting or edging system or after a sorting system in order to combine commissions. It controls handling devices such as robots or portals.

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