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HOMAG Group takes industry 4.0 to the next level

Published on :Friday, August 6, 2021

HOMAG Group takes the knowledge and application of Industry 4.0 to the next level and accelerates digitalisation in the Asian market. Recently they launched its portfolio of management software applications and digital tools in the Asia market. With a goal of supporting and accelerating digitalisation and Industry 4.0 transformation efforts, the company seeks to empower its woodworking and manufacturing customers to automate and produce customised furniture on an industrial scale.

“The woodworking industry in Asia is facing unprecedented challenges as they cope with escalating business costs, fast-changing customer demands and competitive pressures stemming from digital transformation, due to the rise in digital ecosystems and increased connectivity across the region, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains,” said Wolfgang Neeser, managing director, HOMAG Asia.

Introduction of ServiceBoard, as part of the tapio digital ecosystem, as well as HOMAG CUBE and several digital assistants, HOMAG clients in Asia can now digitise the workflow and the user may receive support at their fingertips.

TAPIO: open ecosystem

tapio serves as the digital backbone of all digital platforms and tools from HOMAG.

tapio’s partners – such as HOMAG and other machine, material and tool manufacturers – use the platform as a digital cockpit of applications to help clients digitally design and improve production without having to invest in building their own systems and infrastructure.

Serviceboard: direct service contact application

As a part of the tapio ecosystem, the ServiceBoard application enables users to report and broadcast service incidents at the machine to the respective Service Centre in real time using wireless video diagnostics. It can provide a simple overview of all service cases and maintenance status. It also allow users to directly contact the respective service partners for swift troubleshooting and issue resolution via video diagnosis and screen-sharing functions.

HOMAG CUBE: brings digitalisation directly to the workshop

Even with the ever-changing facets of workshop processes, HOMAG CUBE aims to bring digitalisation directly to workstations. It is an intelligent box and central module that connects HOMAG digital assistants and tools with the shelves and label printers to ensure optimal communication and interaction among people, apps and other elements in the factory.

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