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Heesemann makes dream a reality for woodworkers with New JSM Sanding Machine

 Thursday, July 4, 2024

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Heesemann JSM

Small and medium-sized woodworking businesses can now achieve high-quality finishing at an attractive price point with the introduction of the JSM, the latest entry-level sanding machine from Heesemann.

For many woodworkers, Heesemann machines represent the pinnacle of quality and performance, much like a Porsche does for car enthusiasts. But the high price tag has often placed them out of reach for smaller shops. The JSM changes that game by offering exceptional value for money without compromising on sanding capability.

Designed for Versatility and Performance

The JSM is a versatile all-rounder that caters to the demands of small and medium-sized businesses with its focus on exceptional surface quality. With two working width options and three equipment packages to choose from, the JSM can be configured to tackle various sanding tasks, including solid wood, veneer, and lacquer.

The machine comes in four configurations, featuring one to three sanding units, in working widths of 1100mm and 1350mm. This makes it ideal for applications such as kitchen, office, and solid wood furniture production, as well as panel processing.

Standard Features and Optional Upgrades

The JSM boasts a comprehensive set of standard features, including a variable feed speed, well-positioned view windows, a table extension for convenient operation, and a user-friendly touch display. The machine also features an absolutely plane-parallel table, ensuring precise sanding of workpieces from 3mm to 160mm thick.

For enhanced functionality, users can opt for additional features like workpiece cleaning and a vacuum table, making it easier to handle small or smooth workpieces. The PERFORMANCE and ADVANCED packages offer even more advanced features, including a self-adjusting sanding beam system, variable speed control, and specialized software for optimized belt management.

All JSM machines are remote-serviceable, allowing for quick and convenient troubleshooting and support via hotline.

An attainable dream for woodworkers seeking exceptional finishing at a competitive price, the JSM is a welcome addition to Heesemann’s sanding machine portfolio.

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