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EU delegation hosted by Setra

 Monday, July 3, 2023

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Setra one of the popular companies from the wood working industry hosted an EU delegation to focus on plant preservation and sustainability. They welcomed Chief Officers of Plant Health from the EU Member States. Chief Officers and other European Commission staff from 26 of the 27 Member States attended the occasion. Setra took up this responsible initiative while hosting some 60 people.

The visitors were also given a tour of the saw mill and drying process at Setra Nyby. The attendees saw presentations that highlighted the modern day working and processing within the wood working industry. The company made the best use of the occasion to emphasize on their business ways that promote plant preservation while fueling the motto of sustainability. The plant officers who attended the EU delegation were also attracted to Setra’s working process, as Melanie Sjögren says- “The plant protection officers were very interested in how we at Setra work with the traceability of wood, the drying process and sustainability at all stages. Many of the questions were about plant pests, how to prevent their spread, the effects of climate change on drying, and the importance and use of biomass in Sweden,”

The event began in a logging area outside Uppsala where staff from SLU and Mellanskog ran various stations with information on sustainable forestry, forest planting and harvesting, and pest control. It is to be pointed out that beside various other purposes, the event was also set to discuss issues of strategic nature to prevent the introduction and spread of plant pests covered by the Plant Protection Act.

The visit was a joint effort by the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, in cooperation with SLU, Mellanskog and Setra. The event was mainly hosted for EU’s Chief Officers of Plant Health (COPHS). Jonas Lantz, Mill Manager at Setra Nyby pointed out that, “Many of the visitors had never been to a modern sawmill before and they enjoyed seeing how the whole process works. It was good to be able to link together the entire value chain, from the forest through to the finished wood products,”

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