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End all designing woes with the latest from CLT Toolbox

 Thursday, July 6, 2023

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CLT Toolbox introduces their latest innovative and efficient CLT Floor Ambient Calculator for simplifying designing process. Since, CLT Floor designing can often be tricky, the CLT Ambient calculator brings solutions to the complex process and makes the job easy and convenient. It provides a convenient way to select and plan everything for the completion of the CLT design.

CLT Floor Ambient calculator helps to obtain –

• Range of sizes with an evolving supply chain
• Selection of analytic methods such as shear analogy, gamma, and extended gamma
• Vibration method
• Easy input of loading conditions
• Choose design data from AS1720 or Eurocode 5
• Transparent computations for inspection
• Review outputs and use solver for the most efficient solution
• Professional-quality PDF report for printing

CLT toolbox aims to provide efficient tools to structural engineers for making them more efficient to increase their productivity. They also aim to direct the course of processing towards an affordable sustainable solution, thereby encouraging sustainability. CLT Floor design can often depend on various factors that affect the processing. It depends on the analytical method chosen or the vibration methods may also vary. The design code or the different grades used within the supply chain also determines the work performance. CLT Toolbox is trying to help engineers to overcome all these complexities with the introduction of the CLT Floor Ambient Calculator. Engineers with all levels of experiences can take help of the newly developed software while confidently using CLT floors in their projects. The company has also developed CLT Floor Fire calculator that further helps in the comprehensive design of CLT Floors.

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