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binderholz’s three-layered wood panels is now here

 Thursday, June 15, 2023

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binderholz’s three-layer wood panels are made of solid wood and these may be used in several construction work. The solid spruce panel with tongue and groove connection offers the best prerequisites for high quality. It is also easy to handle the panels for processing and these panels also meet all visual and technical requirements. Lamellas optically graded by machines offer low-crack panels with a nice, uniform surface- guaranteed. These 3 layered solid construction panels are made following an environmentally friendly bonding process. An efficient 3-layer bond covered with strong cover layers retains all the great properties of the wood. All these make the panels more stable and long-lasting.


These panels require no decorative work, which includes painting or plastering. It works with the circumferential tongue and groove connection. These construction panels can be worked with DIY tools. They are easy to use by pre-installing lighting fixtures, speakers, etc.


These strong construction panels are quite useful and can be used for various woodwork jobs. They can be used to construct floors, walls, and ceilings. These panels are useful for interior construction and can also be used for structurally protected exterior areas. They are suitable for interior fittings, furniture construction and for constructive timber work as well.

The woodworking industry has been benefiting from the well-thought-out wood solutions produced by binderholz. Their solid wood products include lumber, profiled timber, single and multi-ply laminated solid wood panels and glulam to binderholz CLT BBS. These particular solid spruce panels made by binderholz are a sustainable choice too. This product enhances the sustainable growth of the wood working industry as these panels are a natural alternative to conventional panels. These panels are a healthy choice that will not harm the environment. They are believed to be great for the indoor climate and are good for the outside environment too.

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