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OVVO Face Boring Connectors now available in a new shade

 Saturday, September 2, 2023

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OVVO further develops its connectors manufacturing and designing skills as OVVO Face Boring Connectors ‘Nesting’ range products will now be available in a new colour. These push-in connectors that fit into a standard 25mm drill hole allow to process on a single panel face. A wide range of applications can be easily executed with the use of these super-efficient, connectors without any usage of tools, screws, or glue.

OVVO products are a variety of products that consist of invisible connectors that make joining wood simple. The connectors are installed during the manufacturing process to ease the process of assembling furniture. The OVVO Face Boring Connectors can deliver a variety of wood joints and angles on either face panel. These are available in permanent and releasable formats.

The available colour options now make these OVVO connectors an appropriate choice for all. The four standard colours available are – black, beige, white and grey. Special customizable is also possible as the company can change the colour of the connectors to cater to a particular customer request.

OVVO is evolving with every passing day with its aim to make furniture assembling more easy and convenient. The company makes well-designed connectors that stand out to be the company’s best products that have been ruling over the market, being furniture designers’ and manufacturers’ common choice. The OVVO Face Boring Connectors ‘Nesting’ range products, now available in variant color options not only simplify all connecting woes while easing the assembling process but also perfectly blends into the assembled furniture with its matched colours.

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