Weinig Dimter presents automated solution with ProfiPress L II 2500 gluing press

Published on : Tuesday, August 23, 2016

weinig ProfiPress L II 2500Productivity and flexibility are increasingly determining factors for the day-to-day operations of workshop businesses. Simplifying and automating process sequences can achieve significant improvements in efficiency. High-tech processes such as high-frequency hardening improve the quality of the end product but the greatest benefit is seen in terms of profitability. And, of course, the space situation in the workshop is also important. The ProfiPress L II 2500 gluing press from Weinig Dimter has been specially designed for these conditions while also offering the advantage of simple use in efficient one-man operation.

The machine comes into its own where star and frame presses require labor-intensive manual work. Here, the horizontal construction of the ProfiPress L II 2500 with horizontal press bed constitutes a clear advantage. The laborious charging of different work levels required by older technologies is a thing of the past. Also, the individual lamellae do not need to be fixed or clamped. Depending on the level of equipment, in the particularly compact Basic or Comfort version the wood is simply front-loaded or laid on the feed table and fed to the press bed. The press bed is emptied automatically via a clearing strip or conveyor belt. The machine can be operated either via two-hand operation or a touchscreen. Different processes are also available for gluing according to requirements.

The basic version offers roller glue application from a rolling gluing station. Powered and synchronized in-feed and out-feed transport ensures even glue application and prevents smearing. The feed speed is adjustable, allowing it to be easily adapted to work and cycle times. The first step towards further rationalization is semi-automatic glue application. The main benefit of this is simple handling of the lamellae via a conveyor belt. The resulting precise glue application ensures a reduction in glue consumption of up to 50 per cent. As an option, the press bed can be loaded via conveyor belt. This enables simultaneous charging and emptying, enabling the machine’s capacity to be increased, particularly in multi-lane operation. At the top end of the equipment options is automatic glue application with subsequent fully-automatic layer formation of the glued lamellae. Even pressure ensures that the gluing press achieves particularly high gluing quality. The layers of lamellae are fixed via pressure plates, which are simply inserted into the press bed. Fixing with screws or similar aids is not necessary. The press bed is raised and lowered hydraulically. The press cylinders can be switched on and off separately via a control panel with selector switches. The pressing cycle takes upwards of one minute depending on the wood and glue types.

The PPL II 2500 Comfort can be upgraded to a simple and efficient high-frequency press at little expense. Depending on the wood, glue and product, the press can produce up to 400 sq m of solid wood panels per shift. The intelligent high-frequency (HF) hardening is characterized by the fact that only the joints are heated. The wood retains its temperature and remains free from tension.

The standard version of the PPL II 2500 can press panels with a width between 1,150 and 1,350 mm and a length of 400 to 2,500 mm in a single run. Lamella thicknesses of 10 to 60 mm can be processed. With the 90 mm thickness option, the maximum press force is 240 kN. Required con-nections are 6 – 8 bar for compressed air and 400 V/ 50 HZ for electricity.

The Weinig Dimter gluing press achieves maximum value creation across a wide variety of applications. The machine is used in the production of furniture as well as fitted kitchens, table plates and general interior fittings. Staircases, doors and frames can also be produced on the gluing press. With its different levels of equipment, the press can be ideally adapted to individual requirements through to the ultimate discipline of HF gluing.

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