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XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards celebrates woodworking talent

 Monday, October 17, 2022

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XIA Xylexpo Innovation Awards honourded woodworking talent on October 14 at the Xylexpo arena.  The show once again celebrated talent and creativity to its core and in its fourth edition, amidst a full house of guests and viewers announced the winners. The award included five categories – solid wood, panels, finishing, digitalisation and sustainability – and required an intensive work for the jury who accurately evaluated all the entries to assign the Xylexpo “Oscar”, a “dwarf” designed in 2014 – when the award was originally introduced – by Elio Fiorucci for Riva 1920.

The award for the “Solid wood processing” category went to Paoletti Energy from Borgo Valbelluna (Belluno) for the gluing system “Iglueing PUR Hyper”.The justification:“It is an innovative system for the application of polyurethane adhesives in finger jointing.The innovative features include a massive reduction of applicator cleaning time, a more efficient use of adhesive, and easy integration with several machines”.

For the “Panel processing” category, the jury decided to reward two solutions “…which solve the same problem with different approaches but equivalent results”.The winners were “Hand Guard” by Altendorf in Minden (Germany) and“Blade Off” by SCM in Rimini.“The innovative features include a significant improvement of operator safety in squaring machines, potentially applicable also to other types of machines”, the jury commented.

In the “Finishing” category,“…the jury identified the automatic spraying machine “Excellent Cm80” by Makor in Sinalunga (Siena), the winner in this category. The innovative features include enhanced belt conveyor cleaning, greater efficiency in paint use as a result of more effective overspray recovery”.

The “Digitalization” award went to the “Digital Factory” system of SCM in Rimini. The justification states:“…although this has been an established trend in the furniture industry for a few years, the jury recognized the innovative features of this eco-system, as it offers the possibility to capture information and data from a production environment, with the capacity to monitor a product from order, through production, up to after-sales. This solution offers a range of services that enable the OEM to leverage new business models in line with the current market trends”.

The award for the “Sustainability” category went to the wood dust extractor by Spänex in Uslar (Germany).“The jury recognized that the product represents a real innovation, as the approach to sustainability is clear since the early design phases and consistently translates into the environmental, social and economic aspects.

In detail, energy saving, environmental protection and the integration with existing recycling systems were recognized as environmental benefits; the protection of workers with a versatile, scalable and flexible system, adapting to different business requirements, were recognized as social benefits; for the governance, improved maintenance and reduce business risks are achieved through the reduction of fire risk and more efficient system control options”.


The XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards are assigned by a jury that selected the winners independently. The working group includes the following members, Stefano Berti, chairman of the jury, Anna Bortoluzzi, Filippo Boschi, Franco Bulian, Gianni Campatelli, Giacomo Goli, Felice Ragazzo and Frieder Scholz.

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