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The new SYS-PowerStation from Festool

Published on : Friday, January 22, 2021

A new portable electrical outlet from Festool_uk – the SYS-PowerStation –  that works anytime from anywhere and improves performance. This compact, mobile solution stores 1,500W of energy & powers all mains-powered tools any loss of performance. The latest generation Systainer format – robust enough for the rigours of a building site – enabling one to work without interruption, even when there’s no power source on site or within reach. No longer is this the stuff of make-believe; it’s now reality thanks to the new SYS-PowerStation from Festool.

The new SYS-PowerStation is compact and portable, and stores up to 1,500W-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the energy supplied by 20 battery packs. As such, it has enough juice for a full day’s work without mains power, making users completely independent of traditional power sources, such as sockets, site distribution boards or generators. In contrast to its predecessor, the new SYS-PowerStation stands out for its zero-emissions operation. This means it’s silent and produces no harmful fumes when in use, making this piece of kit better for your health and the environment, as well making it ideal for use indoors. At 16kg, the SYS-PowerStation measures only 50-70% of its counterparts’ weight, comes in the ultra-compact Systainer3 format and is also splash-proof (IP44), which means it is robust enough for use on building sites.

Power as good as from a socket

With 3,680W continuous power and up to 11,000W short-term power, the SYS-PowerStation provides enough energy to power all mains-operated tools – even mobile dust extractors, large saws and hammer drills. Its combination of high-performance capabilities and large power storage with compact design and comparatively low weight makes it a one-of-a-kind on the international market. The SYS-PowerStation is not only compatible with all Festool corded power tools, but also supplies electricity to all mains-operated power tools from other manufacturers. It powers these without any loss of performance – just like a standard 230V electrical outlet module. In normal conditions, it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery. During this process the intelligent charging management system adjusts the charging strategy depending on the current cell temperature. This minimises charging times while protecting the battery cells. Operators can easily see the current state of charge at any time by checking the integrated LED charging indicator on the front face. There is also a second on/off switch inside the Systainer to prevent the device being accidentally switched on in transit. Also located on the front and therefore easy to access is the USB-C port for quickly charging other portable devices.

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