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TECE rewinding machine perfected for better usage

 Monday, December 9, 2019

Tece brings in a new version of the rewinding machine. For years Tece is known for developing finest rewinding machine, and with time the machine had been changed to meet the needs of the customers or adapt to the changing needs of the clients. In this new version, Tece utilises the space to store edgebanding rolls and some more changes were implemented for better usage of space and machine.



The starting point to create this machine was the time when we had received so many inquiries to develop a small machine to help our customers to rewind the big rolls into smaller length of rolls. We have designed and produced a special machine for that purpose.



Rewinding apparatus is a innovation that is not limited to the supply of edgebanding materials, instead offer a complete solutions to both edgebanding and other materials to support and to empower Tece’s customers worldwide. This way, it is believed that the customers will have better chance of success in this competitive time.


With the support of a technical company, Tece successfully designed and produced a special apparatus to rewind complete rolls into small rolls with a precise measurement. In these days, many companies both small and big prefer to get what they need. They prefer to pay for the material that they will use. Therefore, instead of buying a 300 meter roll, they prefer to buy a roll of 50 meter or 100 meters.



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