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Tece brings innovations in the range of PP Edgebanding

 Friday, November 8, 2019

Edgebanding producers, Tece now brings PP edgebanding under the same roof. PP edgebanding is produced from polypropylene. Polypropylene is one the many types of thermoplastic polymers that exist in the world. PP edgebanding is the most ecological, most flexible, and most heat resistant edgebanding among our plastic edgebanding range.


Characteristics of PP as below;



• It is the lightest weight polymer amongst thermoplastics
• It is the most ecological
• It is the most flexible
• It has the best properties against shrinkage and heat.


PP edgebanding is an adequate choice for small radius applications and places where furniture is exposed to excess temperature and heat. Tece is equipped to produce all sorts of edgebanding from polypropylene (plain colors, high gloss colors, and woodgrain colors). TECE PP edgebanding is produced in master rolls of 300mm. Therefore, it can be slit to any size from 9mm up to 300mm. The thickness can change from 0,4mm and 3mm.
Tece however considers PP edgebanding as an alternative to ABS as they can easily be recycled / burned without creating hazardous gas. PP edgebanding is not recommended as an alternative to PVC as processing PVC is less complicated than PP.


TECE is famous for producing furniture edgebanding. They are known for producing ABS,PVC,3D,Metal,Melamine and Veneer edgebanding. Over the years the company has produced quality products from a single unit and have a defined history of producing quality products that has satisfied customers.



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