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Tece: new 2022 developments on the horizon

 Thursday, January 6, 2022

In 2022, Tece will focus on sustainable products and developments. The biggest project in this direction is to reduce the waste of edgebanding during processing on the machine. Tece aim to work on tools to process edgebanding in narrower widths so that the waste is minimised.

For example, instead of using 22mm for 18mm chipboard, if we can use 20mm edgebanding, we would be saving 10% of plastic. The world would be earning 10% more of plastic to use elsewhere. Or, for those companies that burn the waste, they would burn 50% lesser weight.

“In this scenario, we are committed and we are going to share our know-how with the public. We believe it is our responsibility to work toward a cleaner and sustainable world.”

During 2021, we have witnessed that getting supplies could be more challenging than ever. During this time, we have proven that we are a reliable supplier for our customers.

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