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SCM presents the latest at LIGNA.Innovation Network

SCM confirms its participation in LIGNA.Innovation Network, the digital event organised by Deutsche Messe, from September 27 to 29, 2021. After more than sixty years of partnership with the Hannover event, SCM continues to network with all the key players in the production chain, stay close to its business partners, even remotely, and illustrate the variety of new technologies it has to offer for 2021, designed for the widest application fields in the industry.

Market investments are also steadily continuing in order to guarantee an ever spreading international presence for SCM. Directly-managed branches have been further increased and reinforced, with a view to improving customer service both at the consultation and sales stage, as well as after-sales technical support, for a service that is with the customer every step of the way. This is clear both from the upgrading of pre-existing sales structures as well as the recent opening of new branches in strategic markets like Turkey and India.


Digitalisation, automation and eco-sustainability are the three main features found in all the solutions that SCM will present at the digital event. From stand-alone technologies to plants, all the latest products from the Group have been designed to further increase the productivity of our business partners, simplifying their everyday work even in flexible and more complex processes and keeping costs down, by reducing the amount of space occupied in the factory, machining times and margins of error.

The new Smart&Human Factory is an example of this and will be at the centre of discussion during one of the in-depth Forums at LIGNA.Innovation Network: SCM’s user-friendly digital factory expands to further meet the demands of “batch 1” production. Automated flexible, modular and easily reconfigurable cells, integrated by industrial articulated and cooperative robots and intelligent unmanned shuttles, programmable according to the production unit layout, capable of moving and working alongside the operator in total safety. Cells that can be put together to suit your needs and satisfy the most varied machining and spatial demands. The ideal solution to achieving the dream of a single factory, a single storage warehouse, and a single assembly, packing and shipping area by simplifying production and logistics needs as much as possible.

Digital software and services for every need

SCM’s “Digital Integrated Woodworking Process” is a collection of digital and integrated technologies that support the client at every stage of his process in creating furniture.

• Preparation. First thing is preparing the information, data and programs for the production. In highlight among these software, the CAD-CAM Maestro cnc and Maestro beam&wall for machining centres as well as 3D simulator software Maestro proview.

• Planning and optimization. The new Maestro easyFlow software is the plug&play SCM’s MES solution integrated with all the SCM software and machines and the full Customer ecosystem. Maestro easyFlow software is designed to support small or medium-sized companies in the programming and management of the production flow and 4.0 interconnection. Another novelty is the new cutting optimizer for panel saws, Maestro opti wise. Unique in the market is the Maestro powerset tooling optimizer for drilling machines, which offers customers the most efficient tooling strategy for different production flows.

• Production. Smart manufacturing employs different technologies to make machines more and more intelligent, smart and interactive. In this concept, Maestro active is the new unified operator interface software for all SCM technologies.

• Monitoring and servicing. Supporting the production monitoring stages, machine maintenance and after-sales assistance, Digital Services enabled by the Maestro connect platform guarantee maximum performance of the production plants, together with the constant support from SCM’s best technicians.

According to wood, the new “time machines” for solid wood

New models are added to the range of machining centres for solid wood: accord 500, accord 600 and the upgrade of the morbidelli m200. Solutions for machining doors, windows, staircases and other solid wood elements, that look to the future.

The advantages include how to reduce machining times to a minimum to manufacture state-of-the-art products, with a +30% increase in productivity compared to market standards, and the remarkable maximisation and simplification of warehouse management thanks to Maestro power TMS software, with permanent access to over 100 tools.

Edge banding: new heights for the “electronic touch”
A flexible, top-quality production, in response to the increasing new requirements in the areas of furniture and design, set up and processing speed, completely new devices for a perfect panel.
The new range of high-end electronic units (end trimming units, rounding unit and glue scraping unit), applied to the innovative SCM edge banders and sizing edge banders, meets these needs.

Beam saw: maximum performance levels for any kind of space
Reduction of spaces occupied in the factory, improved category standards in power and resistance over time, high speed, versatility and precision. These are the advantages of the new gabbiani v – vs – vsi vertical panel sizing range. It is a complete range of models, 100% “made in Italy”, to meet demands from every market segment and deal with every kind of production requirement as best as possible. To further enhance and improve the gabbiani offer for sizing, after the recent launch of a new angular panel saw, gabbiani a2, we now have the new Maestro optiWise optimization software for even better results and a considerable saving in time and material.

SCM Surface Technologies for ever more exclusive finishing solutions
The extensive offer of dmc technologies for sanding, sergiani for pressing and superfici for finishing is further enhanced with new devices and models to offer all-round products and services as well as sophisticated finishing solutions.

Taking centre stage, we find the sergiani pressing solutions for the lamination of panels with 3D surfaces and the production of blockboard panels.
The sergiani 3d form and sergiani 3d form hp presses can satisfy any production demand in the versions with a single manual tray and right up to the one with three automatic trays that cut the cycle time to just the pressing time for any kind of machining. This can be achieved with both high gloss coatings and more complex three-dimensional shapes, guaranteeing a product of unparalleled quality.
Also on display is the sergiani gsl-a, press for continuous production of blockboard panels with automatic loading/unloading to guarantee high flexibility and productivity. Highly configurable to meet customer’s demands, it presents different blockboard loading solutions and the option of adding pneumatic stops to create multi-row panels.

The latest dmc products receiving their world preview at LIGNA.IN are easy-to-use solutions with high productivity and keep in mind the specific needs of the individual customer, especially research into high quality finishing and an improved user experience in production cycles.
Absolute protagonist is the new “eye-S” control panel of the dmc sd that, as of January 2022, will replace the LOGIC SC and PRO-SAND electronic control panels. Another new entry is the brand new planetary unit on dmc eurosystem designed to create any kind of finishing effects. Lastly, the carving unit, on the top-of-the-range dmc system sanding machines to achieve sophisticated three-dimensional effects.

Key player is the new Superfici compact xl sprayer designed to satisfy a higher production capacity and ensure a perfect handling of the overspray in the spraying booth. Combined with the excimatt innovative excimer UV system, exclusive “soft touch” effects can be achieved as well as maximum surface and scratch-free resistance.
Also completely new is the valtorta bravo 2, the 2-arm Cartesian robot, designed to halve spraying times without sacrificing excellent quality.
The 7-axis (extendible to 11) maestro robot, developed for windows and doors painting lines, has also been updated: new devices and software for an even faster change of colour, ideal for “batch 1” production needs.

Assembly and packaging
SCM presents the action tf electromechanical clamp, the ideal solution for the final stage in furniture assembly, for all the companies looking for a high-quality result. The new action tf 3050 version is also available with the option of assembly capabilities up to 3000 mm.
New entries also for packaging at LIGNA.IN. The new automatic cut c 200 punching machine for cutting and just in time production of an open cardboard box with the required size and shape. The ideal solution to meet the growing needs for productivity flexibility, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of productivity.

The new SCM celaschi technology for designer and sustainable click furniture
The new celaschi solutions for Threespine® click technology meet the needs for a compatible, functioning design with a high aesthetic value, as well as being sustainable and accessible to everyone.
• A celaschi line with a celaschi sp longitudinal single-sided profiling machine, a panel-turning system and a celaschi p60 transversal profiling machine. It has been designed to process the main panels of a box.
• A stand-alone celaschi p40 double-end tenoner with six motors for edgebanding and profiling the back panels in just two steps.

Timber construction: limitless power with the new XL versions of oikos and area
Also in the limelight is the SCM machining centres’ technological innovation for the timber construction industry and their application in the construction of vast structures (bridges, roofs etc., multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers). After the recent launch of area xl, the 5-axis CNC machining centre designed to produce large-sized CLT panels, it is also time for oikos with a new “extra-large” version. The new 6-axis oikos xl model meets all the machining needs for lamellar wood beams and columns with section up to 1.250×500 mm, as well as panels for X-lam/CLT walls and insulating panels.

Windows and doors: superset nt, the best ever SCM throughfeed moulder
The superset nt range for manufacturers of profiles for windows, doors, staircases and furniture is updated. The structure of the new model allows you to work in complete comfort and safety: relative supports allow you to hook the extractor hood covers directly on to the machine, millimetric rules simplify the manual positions of the operators’ drive heads and tool change operations are always guided.

Balestrini machining centres for chairs, tables and furniture accessories
Space for the numerically controlled balestrini pico tenoning-mortising machines, redesigned to optimise safety, ergonomics and be easy to use. These include: balestrini pico fj, the most complete machine on the market for producing complex joints such as mitre doors, face frames and French joints on doors and shutters, and the balestrini pico om, the small “all-purpose” machine that will show how easily joining operations on elements like chairs and tables can be manufactured.

Ever more connected and integrated joinery machines
Operating units re-adapted with even more attention to details for the circular saws in the invincible and class ranges, market leaders for over 70 years for sturdiness, reliability and precision.
Other new entries regarding saws and spindle moulders in these technological ranges are the new, innovative control panels that make the machines even more user-friendly, digital and suited to connection and integration needs as part of “Industry 4.0”.
New entries also for the edgebanding machines for woodworking “at the extremes” of the range: the small but highly functional edgebanding machine for straight and shaped panels, e 20, with touch screen control and new devices that further improve the quality of edgebanding, and the new top-level operating units for larger me 40 and me 35.
New software entries too for the mobile “Cutting Optimiser/Sequencer for Scm Thundercut” App, with the newly released Android version and further technological innovation to meet the most current demands from 4.0 artisans.


  • SCM KEYNOTE “All the news from SCM: innovation and markets” (27 September, h 14.30)
    With Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director, Pietro Gheller, SCM Sales Director, and Uwe Kosok, Country Manager SCM Deutschland.
  • SMART&HUMAN FACTORY PRESENTATION (28 September, h 14.30)
    With Manuela Andreani, SCM Software Project Manager, Giacomo Montanelli, SCM Engineering Robotics and Automation Product Manager, and Alessandra Benedetti, SCM Service and Spare Parts Manager.
  • LIGNA.FORUM: SCM PRESENTATION (27 September, h 13.20)
    “Smart&Human evolution of Batch-one integrated factory for a variety of rooms/furniture components”.
    With Giacomo Montanelli, Robotics and Automation Product Manager of SCM Engineering

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