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Salice unveils its latest innovation

 Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Salice unveils the brand-new Slider L70, which was created specifically for use with large, heavy doors. It has been released in a variety of configurations, including Reverso, which enables the doors to open in the opposite direction, Step, which enables the doors to open when they are divided by a centre compartment, and One, which enables the opening of a single door. The Power edition has a motor. The durability, adaptability, and capacity of the Slider L70 make it the perfect choice for large cabinets in general and for bedroom closets in particular.

Slider L70 is the coplanar system for cabinets with doors weighing up to 70 kg each. With Slider range’s unique, patented design, the precisely constructed cars and tracks in addition to the ground-breaking linear L70’s magnetic damper provides a smooth and light touch, even with exceptionally hefty doors; reminiscent of Salice. It can be ordered with a two-door or three-door variation, depending on individual needs. Its features of reliability, modularity and capacity make L70 ideal for wardrobes in the bedrooms and for all large cabinets in general. Slider L70 can be supplied in custom lengths, i.e., designed for installation on cabinets with internal width equal to the length of the slider rail.

Key feature
• Soft closing with magnetic technology.
• Aluminium and PVC guide tracks for smooth, silent movement.
• Pre-assembled mechanism for fast, safe assembly.
• Cushioned opening and closing.
• Extremely tough and long-lasting, subjected to 100,000 cycles of the stress test.
• Available also in 3-door configuration.

Technical information
Coplanar two-door cushioned sliding system.
Capacity 100 kg per door.

Individual door properties:
• max. weight per door 100 kg
(evenly distributed)
• width: – min. 800 mm

• material: a) wood or derived material
b) glass with metal frame

Door adjustment:
• vertical adjustment ± 5 mm
• horizontal adjustment ± 3.5 mm
• front adjustment: – upper ± 4 mm
• front adjustment: – lower ± 3 mm

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