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Resource-saving adhesives from Jowat

Published on :Thursday, November 18, 2021

Resource-saving adhesives made by Jowat.  Jowat supplies solutions, which reduce adhesive consumption and can be processed at low application temperatures, to support a sustainable and cost-efficient production.

True potential combined with environmental protection:

High-yield hot melt adhesives facilitate perfect results with lower application amounts compared to filled products.

Low processing temperature, trusted quality—this is how the performance of low-temperature hot melt adhesives can be described. Jowat has successfully developed hot melt adhesives which can be processed starting from 99°C.

Resource-saving Adhesives: Part of Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. The reduction of energy costs is also the focus of companies that have committed themselves to environmental and climate protection. Finally, the ongoing optimization of job security also plays a key role. Jowat Green Adhesives contribute to these goals and help companies to make their bonding processes – and thus also part of their everyday business – more sustainable and responsible.

Jowat low-temp hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are melted and applied at high temperatures, depending on their composition and the area of application intended for them. Temperatures of up to over 200 degrees Celsius are often the rule. A highly heated adhesive can also have a negative impact on sensitive packaging contents such as chocolate.

With low-temp hot melt adhesives such as the Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99, Jowat has developed adhesives that are melted and applied at significantly lower temperatures – without having to accept impairments in the adhesion properties.

The Advantages of Low-temp Adhesives

When using conventional hot melt adhesives, the processing temperature cannot be reduced on its own: the processing properties and adhesion of the adhesives would suffer as a result.

  • Energy savings compared to the use of conventional hot melt adhesives
  • Suitable for packaging temperature-sensitive products
  • Lower risk of burns for users
  • Improved stability of the adhesive melt

Jowat high-yield adhesives

Low-density hot melt adhesives provide several benefits valued by processors around the world. Depending on the application, these adhesives can, for instance, facilitate superior product appearance due to extremely thin bondlines and very smooth surfaces.

  • The Advantages of High-Yield Adhesives
  • Reduced adhesive consumption due to filler-free formulation.
  • Outstanding strengths facilitated by modern adhesive technologies.
  • Premium appearance.

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