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Raute strengthens relation with Russia

Published on :Friday, September 3, 2021

Raute Corporation has recently received orders of about worth EUR 18 million from company Red October LLC to Russia. The impressive million worth order includes machines for production processes to a new birch plywood and veneer mill, a log handling line, three peeling lines, a veneer drying and grading line, plywood layup and pressing line and a trimming line. It is expected that the order will be delivered to Red October’s birch plywood and veneer mill based in Perm, Russian Federation.

The production capacity of the green field mill is expected to be around 45 000 m3 of birch plywood and around 60 000 m3 of birch veneer will be sold to other plywood and furniture makers. Production in the new mill is planned to start in 2023.

Raute will deliver the order next year between August and November. The ordered machinery and equipment will be manufactured in different product units of Raute based in Lahti, Shanghai and Kajaani, and also in the company’s partnership network.

Red October group of companies is one of the largest sawn timber producing factories in the Perm region, Russia. Recently Red October decided to expand its business in birch plywood and veneer production. Russian firm Red October specifically indulges into timber supply chain operations management and covers areas such as forest management, transporting, harvesting, sawmilling and ensures proper delivery of the sawn timber to the clients based across 30 countries in different continents. Now with the new project happened with Raute, the company looks forward to maximise its production capacity, that includes acceleration at all stage of work, such as production, and perform in a better way by making use of forest resources such as coniferous and deciduous species.

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