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Parisi evolves wood production with SCM support

Published on :Wednesday, November 24, 2021

With innovations as forte Parisi a dedicated customer of SCM connects past with future in a unique way and evolves windows and door manufacturing segment. Innovation in tradition. With, a continuous evolution that has allowed the Falegnameria to specialise in the creation of top-quality windows and doors with particular propensity for wood. “SCM technology has helped us boost figures, be faster and better performing, with average delivery times of one month, and to considerably improve our work environment to ensure safe working conditions for our workers” explains Nicola Parisi. But, above all, SCM also guarantees production flexibility to simultaneously work on dozens of different orders in terms of type, measurements and thickness, to mention but a few.

Windor nt1: Parisi’s “wild card”

Thanks to windor nt1, SCM’s angular machining centre for windows and doors, Falegnameria Parisi has managed to concentrate all the useful functions needed to manufacture window fixtures into a single compact machine, as well as produce significant numbers of up to 20-25 windows per day.

Flexibility is one of the advantages highlighted, especially at the tenoning stage; it is possible to fully automatically pass from machining one side to another with the rotating movement of the presser which allows a downtime reduction.

The number of tools available also varies considerably. The machine has interchangeable spindles with HSK attachment which guarantee extreme ease of use, rapid adjustments, excellent performance and high finishing quality. Other advantages are guaranteed by the OPTIMA 1 drilling and routing unit (in tenoning) that enables all accessory machining to be carried out, such as handle drilling, turn and tilt drilling, glazing bead cut-off, top and lengthwise drilling.

Thanks to windor nt1, Parisi had access to the industry 4.0 technological services to acquire in real time, as well as trace over time, all the information and data on machine performance and its condition; this model, as is the case of other SCM machines used in the factory, is also integrated and connected to all the other machinery, as well as with the technical department.

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