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Mosca brings TR6-K for High-Speed Bander

 Monday, September 28, 2015

gI_69041_TR6-K.565EAM-Mosca Corporation introduced a high-speed Bander TR6-K for publication bundling, Mosca’s newest generation of the ‘Kicker’ machine which offers a unique combination of bundle management and fast processing speed for squaring and bundling bound, printed materials. The new bundler efficiently straps varying product sizes from digest to tabloid, as well as mixed bundles at rates of 45-50 bundles per minute.


The TR6-K can be close-coupled with a variety of upstream stackers utilizing proprietary hardware provided by EAM-Mosca. “The stacker moves a bundle into the TR6-K where it is conditioned by backstops, side guides, press and kicker arms, and strap is applied,” says Edward Martin, vice president of sales and marketing for EAM-Mosca Corp., Mosca’s North American division. “The kicker then pushes the strapped bundle out of the strapper to maximize exit speed, while preventing damage to the bottom of the stack due to product slippage on the conveyor during rapid acceleration,” he concluded.


According to Martin, the TR6-K includes Mosca’s precision constructed Strapway 6 for exceptional reliability and low total-cost-of-ownership. The strap track and sealer are assembled on a unibody fixture to assure a highly accurate mechanical system that enhances feed reliability. The strap feed channel features tool-less access for fast, easy cleaning. The sealer itself uses sealed bearings and an open construction concept to shed dust and dirt that minimizes cleaning and servicing requirements.


The TR6-K is available with a temperature controlled heat-seal strapping head or Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology. Mosca’s high technology. Mosca’s high-speed, closed strap-track provides unexcelled strap control and high feed reliability that is optimized to utilize EAM-Mosca’s lightweight, economical 5mm strapping. The TR6-K can operate in a single strap environment, or be paired with a  turning device and second position strapper, typically the Mosca TR6-Pro, to create a complete, high performing cross strapping system.

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