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LEUCO p-system mills inclined profiles in MDF

Published on :Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Ruhsi company is happy to announce that they are using the advanced Leuco p-System milling cutter on a 5-axis machining centre for milling inclined profiles in MDF. This milling cutter has the well-known 70° axis angles patented by Leuco and also has the shape of a truncated cone.



Benefits of this p-system milling cutter

  • Short length, so that the dust hood can be entirely closed
  • Lightweight that the permitted tool weight of the 5-axis
  • Machine does not get exceeded
  • Stable, cutting quality meets the high demand
  • Flexible, tool can do complicated elliptical toolpaths as well as simple flats
  • Clever, intelligente design combines 70° shear angle together with no risk that the 5-axis head at maximum swung-out state could collide with the interfering contour of the component


Ruhsi has achieved its goal – complete processing with as many steps as possible being completed at a single station. The production sequence is clearly optimized. And why the tool is profitable for Ruhsi on top of everything else – it doesn’t need sharpening until after nine months of continuous usage.



The p-System truncated cone milling cutter with all the advantages of the 70° axis angle can also be designed with a profile. Thus it is possible to mill e.g. inclined profiles including curves in one operation.


The Leuco p-system milling cutters for straight and curved profiles are the result of customer requests to eliminate individual bottlenecks in their production and optimize their manufacturing.




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