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Achieve the perfect finish cut with the new Leuco Q-Cut G6 Edition

 Monday, March 6, 2023

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Leuco introduces the Q-Cut G6 Edition, a new panel sizing saw blade. This meets demanding requirements for cut quality with exceptionally long service lives. Carpenters, furniture manufacturers and interior design specialists now have an even better standard tool at their disposal.

At Leuco, the “Q-Cut” product family stands for the highest quality in panel sizing saws. Within this family, the Q-Cut G6 Edition is now the new favourite in terms of service life. The new blade extends the already very long service life of the standard Q-Cut G6 saw blade by up to twice and more. This means that woodworking shops now have an alternative to the popular Q-Cut G6 as the standard blade for panel sizing.

Leuco achieves the improvement through thinner blade bodies and greater lateral tooth projection. This leads to optimised chip flow and thus to less chip friction as well as less heating of the saw blade. Im-proved grinding parameters also contribute to high cut quality and longer tool life.

Another feature of the Q-Cut G6 Edition is the improved precision class of the patented easyFix hole, which has been improved to H7. This makes it easier to slide the saw blade onto the shaft. In addition, the shape is non- round instead of round. This results in fewer points of contact between the blade and the shaft, making it easier to mount without jamming.

The Q-Cut G6 Edition is characterized by quiet and smooth running. Six laser ornaments as well as several expansion slots reduce vibra-tions and thus also the running noise of the saw blade. This saw blade has a tooth group configuration consisting of two stronger-cutting leading teeth and four consecutive teeth. This feature is common to all panel sizing saw blades in the Q-Cut family. It now consists of five products:

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