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LEUCO bagged German Innovation Award for AirStream System

Published on :Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Renowned tool manufacturer, LEUCO received the WINNER award at the German Innovation Awards for its “LEUCO AirStream” milling system. Over the years woodworkers have faced challenges in the disposal of chips in woodworking.  Constructive solutions to tools for targeted chip guidance have to a certain extent been available for some time in the industry, especially in the furniture industry. “The patented AirStream-System was inspired by the scoops of sports cars. Transferring the design to woodworking tools was a new tricky and exciting task that has never before been applied in this way,” reports Benjamin Sitzler, developer of the AirStream-System at LEUCO.


In the category “Excellence in Business to Business”, section “Machines & Engineering”, the AirStream system solution convinced. The jury praised the new constructive solution as well as the approach of the milling cutter design. “It is important that, for the first time in history, smaller and medium-sized companies also benefit from a design solution for chip removal thanks to the AirStream-System, because the tools are used on machines from Holzher,” adds Ewald Westfal, Head of Technology at LEUCO.




Leuco is known for introducing innovative tools for the wood working sector. The all new  AirStream-System is characterized by its targeted, intelligent guidance of the resulting chips in the direction of extraction. During the milling process, the air flow is deliberately directed around the rotating tool in order to direct the chips directly to the extraction unit.


The advantage for the user is that 99 percent of the chips are extracted, i.e. the machine remains clean and virtually does not have to be cleaned. The fact that the chips are removed from the machining zone immediately after they are generated by the extraction system means that the tool life of the milling cutter is longer, as the cutting edges do not have to perform unnecessary double cutting work. The targeted guidance of the air flow results in less uncontrolled air turbulence, and the tool is pleasantly quiet for the user when in use.


Another award

LEUCO’s tool innovations “LEUCO p-System” and “LEUCO nn-System” were also awarded a German Innovation in 2018. With over 1,200 employees worldwide, LEUCO is a classic medium-sized company and has attached great importance to successful research and development since its foundation in 1954.


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