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Komatsu Forest launches Komatsu Smart Crane for harvesters

Published on :Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Introducing Komatsu Smart Crane for harvester, Komatsu Forest take crane control to the next level, where the crane is controlled with a single lever movement, from the main boom all the way to the tip of the telescopic arm. The result is a faster and more precise crane operation as well as a more relaxed and efficient operator.

Komatsu Forest presented their first parallel crane for harvesters back in 1999. Its inventive design linked the main and outer booms, thereby simplifying crane control. Smart Crane takes this development to the next level, with the crane moving as a single unit – from the main boom all the way out to the tip of the telescopic arm.

Precision and responsiveness are two of the greatest advantages of Smart Crane. The operator can easily steer the head where they want it in smooth, precise movements, contributing to a more relaxed way of working. A relaxed operator can stay focused for longer and work more productively throughout the entire working day.

Another Smart Crane advantage is the need for fewer lever movements. The automatic control of the telescopic arm makes it even easier to steer the crane exactly where you want it – a single lever movement brings the crane from full reach all the way back to the machine. This provides better ergonomics for the operator and also helps to retain the energy level throughout the day.

One area where Smart Crane is particularly useful is the thinning of dense stands, where the operator often works with the head far from the machine, making extensive use of the telescopic arm. The automatic control of the crane makes work both easier and more efficient. It also simplifies when the operator, for example, wants to quickly raise the crane to move the head over the wheels to the other side of the machine. Faster and more efficient thinning saves on valuable working hours and contributes to greater profitability.

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