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Junnikkala relies on Pohjaset for the wood chip transport of the Oulu sawmill

 Monday, July 8, 2024

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Junnikkala relies on Pohjaset for the wood chip transport of the Oulu sawmill

Sawdust, wood chips and bark are produced as byproducts of sawing. Junnikkala plans to use these fractions carefully in the vicinity of the new Oulu production facility: either in energy production or in the chemical forest industry. The pulp and bark ends up at Oulun Energia, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the sawmill, and the dry chips, or pulp chips, are transported to pulp production.

Junnikkala relies on cooperation with Pohjaset Logistics Oy , which was selected as a partner in the tender held in 2022, for the wood chip transport of the Oulu sawmill. In addition to chip transport, Pohjaset also manages the log yard and feed to the sawmill at Junnikkala’s Oulu sawmill, and does by-product crushing if necessary.

”The cooperation is great! The Pohjaset teams are professionals in their work. The know-how has been there for years and you can see it. The business plays with them”, says Timo Tuominen, Junnikkala’s bioenergy manager .

Pulp chips from the Oulu production plant are transported to nearby areas aboard Pohjaset’s new chip truck, adorned with Junnikkala branding along its sides. Information regarding the filling of the bins is relayed directly to Pohjaset from cameras installed in the chippers, enabling them to ascertain precisely when there is demand for the chipper wheel.

Family businesses already in the third generation

Pohjaset Oy is a family business where work has been carried out for three generations, showing similarities to Junnikkala, and the companies share a similar set of values. At present, Pohjaset employs 150 staff and is continually monitoring opportunities for expansion.

”We are satisfied with the cooperation with Junnikkala. We have such a like-minded team, family businesses work well together”, praises Petri Pohjanen, head of logistics services at Pohjaset Logistics Oy .

The new chip truck made its debut in April of this year. Significant product development was undertaken for the vehicle; the superstructures and trailer have been designed to be as lightweight as possible to maximise load capacity, while also minimizing emissions.

”We got what we ordered. It is important for us to participate in environmental talks and reduce emissions. Pohjaset also has a biogas-powered truck transporting wood chips, and another similar one is coming at the end of summer. We are also investing in an electric lumber truck, which we will use for terminal logistics.”

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