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IRO Timber and OSC Sales announce industry partnership

Published on :Friday, August 20, 2021

One of the largest sawmilling businesses in the UK, BSW Timber has announced a strategic partnership between its IRO Timber range and OSC Sales, who manufacture and supply fasteners and wood connectors, including the CAMO decking tool, to the UK market.

The partnership will allow both organisations to work together more closely, offering IRO distributors an exclusive dual-branded CAMO gun and associated fixings – which are guaranteed for the lifetime of the project – and a bespoke merchandising stand.
The CAMO gun, which can be used to install IRO cladding as well as decking, offers IRO customers and installers the opportunity to achieve a clean, sleek finish with no visible fixings and even spacing.

The exclusive IRO accessories stand, developed as a result of the partnership between IRO and OSC, gives merchants the opportunity to promote the CAMO tool alongside associated fixings, IRO samples and IRO touch-up cream

Dave Chapman, Sales and Marketing Director at BSW, said: “The partnership has opened up new opportunities for IRO Timber. We can now recommend specific fixing tools and screws to use during the installation process.

“The tool is a safer option rather than using traditional screws as the tool ensures that screws are drilled in at a 45-degree angle, which looks incredibly neat but also prevents the boards from lifting and warping. It is also a safe option, as side fixing the boards means that the screw heads will never protrude from the face of the board.”

Frazer Dunn, Sales and Marketing Director at OSC, said: “This is the perfect opportunity for both IRO Timber and OSC. The CAMO fixing tool is a popular product in the USA, but landscapers are not always aware of it in the UK. Once they use it, they love it, and there is no turning back!

“IRO’s platform can help to promote the advantages of using the tool and how it is both a quick and efficient option. It’s great that IRO is open to trying new products that will benefit their customers, and they can offer their advice and guidance in the installation process.”

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