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imos iX 2023: Optimal consistency and digital networking

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Innovative solutions for the requirements of the industry – the new software version imos iX 2023 features a wide range of new functionality and creates a strong connection, across company boundaries, the point of sale to production. A functioning continuity in the most diverse areas of a company, in industry as well as in handcraft, forms the basis for an optimal work process and is perfectly supported by the networking of external systems.

With the iX 2021 version, imos paved the way for digitalization two years ago, completely independent of the size of the company. With the integration of cloud-based services and the development of interfaces to other providers, imos AG serves the requirements of the market. This successful strategic orientation will be further pursued in the development of the new version iX 2023 and supported with innovative solution approaches in all areas of workflow.

Individual requirements under control

The iX NET product area undergoes a comprehensive update in the B2B environment in the new iX 2023. Numerous new functions, such as measuring tools in the room planner and wall- and article-related drawing outputs, increase the ease of use immensely.

Details can be checked directly in iX NET, any planning errors can be corrected immediately and further work processes can be optimized.

Extensive, detailed decorative articles ensure a realistic and customer-oriented presentation of the planning results. But placement is usually laborious and time- consuming. With a simplified placement
and set-bound definition of deco articles, a technical planning is quickly transformed into a homelike situation. By means of new render technology, the professional presentation of the planning is rounded
off. While work continues on the design, iX NET creates a high resolution, photo-realistic rendering in the background.

Importing plans configured in an imos online sales solution into iX CAD is part of the consistency that imos offers across its entire product range. This means that it is not only possible to insert planned furniture and check it in CAD. The room situation can also be transferred. The CAD user not only receives individual furniture designs, but can also take the entire planning situation into account.

As usual, imos is also focusing on a wealth of optimizations, innovations and real highlights in the CAD/CAM area with the iX 2023. Greater convenience in handling, open networking and orientation towards the end customer.

iX CAD 2023 presents in focus an improved and performance-optimized possibility to plan and successfully handle large projects. Thanks to simple, fast and complete planning in 2D, performance is increased. Intelligent insertion functions and article groupings have a supporting effect.

The creation of a special design wizard within iX CAD allows several design elements to be merged into one component. The newly created component is parametric and adapts to changing conditions.

In addition to the possibility to generate professional presentation documents from Ix NET, it is now also possible to distribute furniture plans or designs easily and quickly – with the aim to optimize the communication with end customers and to send a detailed plan with interaction possibility ad hoc.

Another major highlight is the brand new nesting in iX CAM 2023. Fully integrated into the CAM process, the generated results are conveniently editable and simple animations can be used to check the machining operations. Furthermore, it is possible to nest and process multiple jobs in one nesting for the least possible waste.

The cloud-based service solution iX Scout for the paperless provision of digital documents for manufacturing and assembly, which was introduced in 2021, is constantly being further developed in line with market requirements and is undergoing a powerful update with iX 2023. In addition to the extension of the measurement function to article and room level, the orders are now also available offline. Using a download function, the orders can be downloaded individually and thus used safely for assembly even in regions with poor network quality.

When using external fitters on site, there is now guest access with limited access rights and a defined validity period.

Focus on speed, efficiency and flexibility

Another major highlight will be the new NET Studio product line. The online sales solution focuses on innovative furniture and room planning, as well as a new type of configuration option.

The starting signal here is NET Studio.kitchen – the specialization for the kitchen industry.

Impressive visualizations illustrate the configuration experience, with changes updated immediately. The simple and fast handling allows an impressive planning that goes into detail. Using “drag&drop” and
“move&match”, kitchens are from now on planned online, sold and even directly manufactured in the iX
INTERIO environment.

“Finally, after a 4-year break, we have the opportunity to present our innovations to the industry live and in person with the iX 2023 version. Where is a better place than at LIGNA?” Winfried Dell, board member at imos AG, shows his enthusiasm. “In addition to our almost customary highlights on the new software version, our iX lab our booth will offer insights into the possible future of the industry. How can furniture be planned, configured and presented in the future? We are trying to find answers to these and other questions. Together with the imos team, I look forward to your visit.”

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